hi, my name is ed rigg, and I make films.


generally these have been music videos, work for brands or short-ish films. (at 32 minutes confection is the longest and at 30 seconds a walkers commercial is the shortest). i’ve won some awards which is always nice – mainly for confection, the split, and passenger. this website is a sort of showcase of my stuff…explore at your leisure.


i’ve managers at 3 Arts Entertainment. will rowbotham in NYC & tom lassally in LA.

i’m on:


or the usual instagram and twitter malarky.


there are some people to thank for without them my films would’ve been much trickier to make indeed: james davidson, matt wicks, ed coltman, antonio austoni and aj leon. legends.


i’m writing a feature film at the moment which is available to read on request – its similar to Confection fyi.


i think that’s about it for now, keep on keeping on.


– ed (rigg)