Ed here, Ed Rigg.  Nice to meet you.


I make films.  And I run recdek.com.  How ’bout you?


I make music videos, I shoot commercial work for brands, and I make narrative fiction films.  FYI at 32 mins Confection (starring Perry Millward, Tony Way and Esther Smith, 15 festivals) is the longest piece I’ve done.  At 30 seconds a Walkers commercial is the shortest.


To keep myself out of trouble, I also work in VFX, most recently on Apple TV+’s Invasion 2 and Liaison, as well as: Enola Holmes 1 & 2, (Legendary/Netflix), The Crown (Left Bank/Netflix), War of the Worlds (FOX), The Little People (Tempo/Warners), and The Serpent (BBC).


I love creating worlds which take our audience away from their day to day lives. I get my kicks from working with actors to immerse our viewers in story and genre. I even managed to win some awards for writing and directing my scripted work which was very nice: Confection, The Split, and Passenger, all did well. Look out for YOUR MOVE coming soon.


My email is:


Or I’m on the usual INSTAGRAM and TWITTER malarky.


There are some people to thank, for without them my films would’ve been much trickier to make indeed.  James Davidson, Matt Wicks, Ed Coltman, Antonio Austoni and AJ Leon. Legends.


Next up, is my debut feature HOW TO BECOME A HERO, it is available to read on request – it’s similar to Confection, with more wacky-funny-ness.  I’m also writing a 1960s period thriller, with collaborator George Howson, we have a ten minute short to introduce our world called YOUR MOVE (starring Pearl Mackie, Thommy Coombes, Philip Jackson, Edward Hogg).  Also available should you like to watch it secretly.  (It’s a secret link).


I think that’s about it for now.  Thanks for reading, keep on keeping on.


Very best,


– Ed